2016 10 21 Berenice Drise[x120][5760px][309MB]

2016 10 21 Berenice Drise[x120][5760px][309MB]

Oct 21, 2016

Age Published: 25

Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 106 lbs

Breasts: small
Size: 35/22/35
Shaved: shaved
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hi all, my name is Bernice and I am 24 years old. and was born far in the east of Russia in a peninsula near Japan. You can guess that in winter time its really cold there. This temperature made me harder and make me loving nature and water, even if its very cold, but makes me feel uncomfortable when its too warm. My family (my mother is a business woman, my father at the army) movedto St. Petersburg when I was in the junior high and there I fell in love in architecture. This city is amazing! The palaces, the parks and gardens. Even the most famous Russian writers lived there and so I came in contact with them as well and read almost all of them. In St. Petersburg I went to University and made my bachelor in economics and tax. Now I started studying law and theology, cause its always helpful to know your rights and take care of our soul as well. For my body I do a lot of sports, like gym, badminton, tennis, cycling, pilates and yoga. Starting modeling was just good luck. A friend of mine told me always, that my face is so beautiful and that I am acting so well, cause in special moods my face shows all emotions that are inside me. So myfriend suggested me to send some pictures to a well known photographer in Switzerland to find out, if there is a chance being model. Guys I hate to tell you, this wasn’t nude pictures but only portraits but this amazing photographer discovered my potential and invited me for a test-shooting. Therewe made my first nude-shoots. He and I were astonished how good they were and he told me, I would be perfect for METART. So we made a second (!) shooting and sent the pictures to METART – and what should I say: here am I and you can see a very very brand new model, never seen nude before anywhere. I hope you like the pictures.Being photographed I am able to change my personality in a second and I love to play with the camera and the photographers as well 🙂 I will do this passion as long as you will like my pictures and I enjoy being photographed and hope this will last a very long time.


Berenice in Drise

Berenice has no shame at all, standing before us in a see-through pink dress. Beneath her revealing clothing she is totally naked, her nipples fighting against the mesh of the dress. The long haired lovely squats, her legs wide open, her dress hitched up. Her shaved pussy, with labia peeling open, so alluring. Berenice loses the dress and sits in her chair, legs high over her head, pussy waiting. Her hands come to her thighs and pull at her skin, parting her pussy lips to reveal all. On hands and knees, she spreads herself wide, her sweet ass and delicate folds on offer. The nubile nymph lifts one leg straight against her body, her fantastic shape temptingly sexy.

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